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Keenya Madison
The Artist

"Never ask for permission, Own the position"

Keenya Madison known as (Nikki) to many was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. The mother of three beautiful daughters and 2 grandsons . As a Makeup artist Keenya is  dedicated  to making her clients look and feel unquestionable as she minister and mentor through her gift in makeup. 

Makeup is more than colors to Keenya, She gives them not only  the experience , But the freedom to step out of the everyday norm and transition into someone uniquely and wonderfully made. Keenya offers a variety of services and use proven techniques that will have you fall in love with the person you are becoming.

Do you know someone  who would like  the ultimate makeup experience ?

For more information and to schedule a session contact me today !

Committed to bringing her dreams to reality, Keenya would go on to open “FaceTime Makeup Bar” in 2013 .




My Mission is to teach other women how to enhance and nurture their own beauty that’s not only on the outside but on the inside as well. As GOD creates , only beauty!


I look at makeup as art, you can take it and create any and everything out of it. When my clients are in front of me, they become my canvas and I pray over my hands and I ask God to guide me. when it’s all over, he will get the glory!

Majority of my clients never wore makeup and they are nervous because they don’t want to look like clowns. As stated earlier, makeup is just an enhancement of true beauty. My clients still look like themselves and that’s what’s important to me. as they sit in my chair for me to begin, I get to hear the stories of some struggles, pain, and disappointments and once I have completed the makeup journey, they are elated by what they see . As my creativity becomes my ministry, the clients have forgotten just for a moment about what they’re going through because they feel beautiful.

So my PURPOSE is to make them feel beautiful when they sit in my chair and when they leave my chair. 

Best Make Up Artist

A Night for the Stars

I survived an abusive relationship for 10 years I thought that wearing makeup would hide the scars on the inside that I didn't have so much on the outside. I made myself up everyday until I found me again , but when I got into the depths and the beauty behind my brand I began to understand and know my purpose, It wasn't about me hiding anymore it was more about bringing out the potential that is deep inside of every person that I come in contact with. I want women and young girls to discover themselves again ,  sometimes we forget who we really are because we put others before ourselves .What makes me different as a makeup artist is that I  see beyond the surface of someone's request, I  look deep inside Within to find the true Beauty that she's afraid to let out and I stretch them to there highest limits.  I made up  my own name for MUA my MUA stands for "Making U Authentic" meaning that  at the end of each  session when I hand them that mirror i want them to feel unquestionable, genuine and true not to me but to themselves and as they are  looking at themselves  smiling with tears I know made a difference I know I made a impact I know I made them feel happy, rejuvenated but most of all empowered knowing that they are beautiful they are loved and that they are walking into there OWN because that's what makeup does for me, and the spirit of obedience that I approach it with is what I want them to leave with....Omg i sitting here crying typing this sorry ot took so long for ne to send but you REALLY made me  think when you ask that question thank you for helping me discover my WHY! 

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