Professional Makeup Services 

FaceTime MUA by Keenya Madison is honored to provide you with professional makeup services to meet all of your needs. When you book here, your appointment is secured for the day and time that you want. To learn more about our services, get answers to your questions, or have special circumstances, contact us today at


******Prices listed below are not final. Based on the desired look, the price varies. 

Cancellation Policy 

At FaceTime MUA by Keenya Madison it is our goal and our priority to ensure that every glamour girl gets the full Keenya Madison experience. In order to deliver high-quality service it is imperative that appointment times begin and end at the designated time. We understand that things come up and life happens, but we require a 24-hour cancellation of any services rendered. Upon cancellation of your appointment you will be notified of the confirmed cancellation. If your appointment is cancelled more than 72 hours in advance, your appointment deposit will be refunded to you in full. 

To learn more about our cancellation policy or get questions to your answers, give FaceTime MUA a call at (469) 333-0312.